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Air Conditioning Installation

Installing a new air conditioning unit in your home can greatly reduce energy costs. New air conditioning models are designed for better energy efficiency.

In the Phoenix Metropolitan area, we require high-quality air conditioners to keep our homes comfortable during the extremely hot summer months. In order to keep our homes cooled, there are many different types of air conditioning systems designed to effectively work.


Roof Top Air Conditioning Units

Many homes in the Phoenix Metropolitan area have roof top air conditioning units. They are often called "packaged heat pumps" or "gas packs". At Anthony James Air Conditioning and Heating, great care is taken with the installation of new roof top air conditioning unit. Our technicians ensure that a new unit will be a good fit for the house. It needs to have the correct rating in order to effectively cool the home.

During the installation, Anthony James Air Conditioning follow a step-by-step procedure to provide a quality installation. Here are a few of the important steps that we take during the installation of roof top air conditioning units:



  • Construction of Custom Built Sheet Metal Air Duct Elbows to Fit Rooftop and Unit Exactly
  • New custom made stand
  • Changing of the High Voltage Disconnect and Wiring on Roof
  • Installation on New Thermostat Wiring
  • Installation of Condensate Drain to Home's Drain
  • Installation of a New Digital Thermostat
  • Inspection of Duct Work in Attic Looking for Leaks
  • New Bar Type return grilles that greatly improve air flow while making unit perform quetly.

Split System Air Conditioning Units

Split system air conditioning units typically have the condenser part of the air conditioning unit outside of the house on the ground with the blower inside of the house. When Anthony James Air Conditioning and Heating installs a split system air conditioning unit, we follow a list of procedures designed to provide you with the highest quality installation possible. Here are some of those procedures:

  • Installation of a New Electrical Disconnect
  • Ensure That the New Air Conditioning Unit Outside of the House is Level
  • Installation of a New Liquid Line Dryer and Suction Line Dryer
  • Installation of a New Secondary Drain Pan in the Attic
  • Installation of the New Air Handler or Furnace
  • Reconnection of the Drain Lines with Proper Slope for Adequate Drainage
  • Installation of New Plenum Boxes and if Needed, New Duct Work
  • Installation of New Gas Flexes and Flue Pipe on Furnaces
  • Installation of a New Digital Thermostat

At Anthony James Air Conditioning and Heating, we never cut corners on the installation of a new air conditioning unit. We use high-quality parts that are designed to last.

Anthony James Air Conditioning and Heating installs new air conditioning units in homes throughout the West Valley and Phoenix. Some of the West Valley communities we install new air conditioning units include Sun City, Avondale, Surprise, Peoria, and Litchfield Park.

To schedule a new air conditioning unit installation for your home, call Anthony James Air Conditioning and Heating at 623-556-3852 today. You can also reach use with any questions that you may have about the installation of new air conditioning units through our Contact Us page.