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Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

Anthony James Air Conditioning and Heating specializes in tuning up air conditioners. We understand all components of involved and will inspect your air conditioner to make sure that all parts are working properly.

A proper maintenance program for your home's air conditioning ensures that it is working safely, at its maximum efficiency, and will minimize the chance of breaking down at inopportune times. Often, when an air conditioner is not properly maintained, breakdowns that happen can end up being much more costly. Compressors that are not operating within their designated tolerances can fail, leading to very expensive repairs.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Services Provided by Anthony James Air Conditioning and Heating

Our process of inspecting your air conditioner is very thorough. Every component of your air conditioner is checked to ensure it is operating properly. This includes all electrical, mechanical, and drainage components. Here are some items that are on our air conditioning maintenance checklist:

  • Tightening All Electrical Connections
  • Inspection of Wiring for Burning or Overheating
  • Inspection of Motor Capacitors
  • Pulling of Outdoor Fan Motor for Inspection of Bearings
  • Bearings Are Oiled if Ports Are Available
  • Inspection of Fan Motor Compartment for Other Potential Problems
  • Inspection of Blower Motor Capacitors and Bearings
  • Inspection of Condensation Lines and Pan of Signs of Overfilling or Overflowing
  • Clean or Replace Air Filters
  • Examine the Thermostat for Proper Operation
  • Check the Motor Amperage and Voltage While in Operation
  • Check Freon Pressure and Temperatures

Common problems found during air conditioning maintenance include clogged condensation lines, dirty evaporator or condenser coils, and leaky duct-work. If we find any issues with your air conditioner, we will inform you and let you know the cost of the repairs.

Anthony James Air Conditioning and Heating provides air conditioning maintenance programs for homes in Phoenix and throughout the communities of the West Valley like Sun City, Glendale, Avondale, Surprise, and Peoria.

To schedule an air conditioning maintenance service for your home, call Anthony James Air Conditioning and Heating at 623-556-3852 today. You can also reach use with any questions that you may have about our air conditioning maintenance program through our Contact Us page.